Once you’ve accomplished accessbility, it is important to include an accessibility statement on your website. An accessibility statement helps users to understand the different steps you took in order to become accessible. 

This statement acts as a guide, an expression of support for accessibility, and is important to avoid legal consequences. The statement includes information about legal requirements and the different steps you took in order to make your website accessible. 

Site visitors can refer to your accessibility statement for any questions or issues they may encounter on your site. 

Follow these steps to put the accessibility statement on your site: 

1 – Download the Accessibility Statement from our site. There are both English and Hebrew options available.

2 – Change the text highlighted in yellow to fit your website. This includes filling in your website name, company contact information, whether or not the location of your business is accessible, and external files and links attached accessibility.

3 – Save the edited file and upload to it as a page on your website.

Accessibility Statement English

Accessibility Statement Hebrew