High Tech on the Low Episode 74: Usability Not Just Accessibility

Menashe Shani, CEO and co-founder of Purple Lens, aims to innovate on the traditional web accessibility offering and shift the paradigm to one of usability for all.

In my podcast, I explore the many different facets of the world of high tech from development to marketing, to sales, to entrepreneurship, all with the goal of collecting key insights on startups for listeners to gain value from this knowledge-sharing. So, what did I discover this week?

Web accessibility has been an issue since the internet’s adoption. In short, it is the inclusive practice of ensuring access to websites by people with physical, mental, and situational disabilities. To the commonly referred to as able-bodied internet users, this may seem almost intuitive or somewhat inherent that a website should be “accessible”. However, it is only once we are truly confronted with a handicap that we ourselves could even begin to grasp what it means to enter a website and find it inaccessible.