How to Sign Up to the “Purple Lens” plugin

Tutorial  |  26 October 2020

To Sign Up for the “Purple Lens” plugin go to click on the “Sign In” button, then click on the “Signup Now” (Image 1)

The user should be redirected to the “Sign Up” page and fill in the fields with the next information:

Image 1

Key in the “First Name” to the text field (Image 2)

Image 2

Key in the “Last Name” to the text field (Image 3)

Image 3

Key in the “Email address” to the text field for the user who will be The WP administrator/WP manager with administrator permission  (Image 4)

Image 4

Fill in the “Password” text field (Image 5)

Image 5

By creating an account the user must agree with “Purple Lens” Conditions of Use and Privacy Notice by the click on the check-box (Image 6)

Image 6

To finish the “Sign Up” activities click on the “Register” button (Image 7).

Image 7