It’s all about timing

Or – why web accessibility is just like your mandatory vehicle inspection


So, you checked your website. Maybe you used an accessibility tool or went all-out and hired a professional to make sure – your web asset, is in fact accessible. It doesn’t matter weather you did so to sleep well at night, to avoid any lawsuits or claims or even as a standard procedure – YOU WANTED IT ACCESSIBLE, AND SO IT IS.


So – am I accessible now, and will I be so forever?


First and foremost, there’s a good chance if you used a professional to make your website accessible – you are. Using only a web accessibility tool with no procedure might be problematic (stay tuned for my future post “When the circles made the rules for the squares” and you too, will understand the complexity) but, great tools will provide a process that will either cover your legal concerns, or actually make you accessible. But here’s the catch – accessibility is a constant need, rather than a “one off” deal. 


Why is it that accessibility is something you should keep your eye on 


As your digital asset evolves, so should its accessibility. When you change your website on your own – it might be obvious that you may have “messed up” something. Unfortunately – even if you use a pro these days there’s a good chance his work didn’t consider the required level of accessibility as the subject is just now blowing-up into the international center of attention. So, any change in content, adding a video with no subtitles, inner changes in a WordPress extension etc. every change might be inaccessible – and will render your polished website, inaccessible again. 

These facts change the accessibility issue from a “bar” to be crossed – into a maintenance routine that has to be monitored, inspected, brought to attention and dealt with on a regular basis. 


What should we do?


Today – advanced tools and methods are available throughout the web to support this current need of accessibility and its tricky everlasting change. Keep in mind, web inclusivity isn’t an issue that should be addressed as an annoying burden; instead, imagine a friend that must stay out of a restaurant as they don’t host wheelchairs. The internet might become the pillar of true equality. A digital kingdom in which a physical disability no longer limits a human being. Your website’s accessibility is a part of this unbelievable dream. Just a little note for the numbers guys and gals among you – Google “purple pond” and prepare to have your mind blown away.

  • Start by caring – and check your web-assets for errors.
  • Use a pro – weather through a SAAS or an actual human being.
  • Keep maintenance in mind – and recheck after any changes and every year.
  • Don’t ignore – and put aside those “pesty chores”; honestly, they are the most important aspect you should mind.



Gidi Weiler
Purple lens – UX driven accessibility platform