Voice Functionality over Chrome

Access to Accessibility  |  21 September 2020

When it comes to using the internet or computers as a blind, or partially sighted, individual, there can be a number of different challenges that you need to face. Unfortunately, the majority of websites are not set up in such a way as to make it possible for them to be easily navigated for individuals who struggle to see the screen. As a result of this, for these individuals, another option is needed to make sure that they are not excluded from using websites simply because they struggle to see the screen.

There are a number of different tools and software available these days which are designed to help those suffering from blindness or sight loss. These tools are numerous, and one such tool that you may wish to consider is voice functionality for Chrome. These tools are useful thanks to the fact that they allow users to navigate websites not with the mouse or touchpad, neither with the arrow keys on the keyboard! Instead, they are designed to allow for voice functionality and voice controls to be understood.

Sight Loss: How Common is it?

Sight loss is something that affects a surprisingly high number of people in our modern society. As a result of this, it is incredibly important that you consider ways in which voice functionality tools could be beneficial for either helping you to navigate the web, or otherwise for making your own website or application inclusive for all users.

Loss of sight or otherwise complete blindness are conditions which affect more and more people on a yearly basis. However, some underestimate the significance of the problem in society. So, just how common is sight loss and blindness really? In reality, sight loss is still a notable handicap people suffer with these days. In fact, as stated by the RNIB, up to 300 million people worldwide have problems with blindness or sight loss, and approximately 1 in 5 individuals will start to go through sight loss at some point in the course of their lives.

What is Voice Functionality over Chrome

Voice functionality over Chrome is a relatively straightforward feature for individuals to understand. Indeed, voice functionality is pretty much what it says “on the tin”—voice control mechanisms that allow the website or application user to control Chrome with their voice.

Voice controlled technology is becoming ever more advanced in modern years, and as such, it is no surprise that voice controlled technology is also being implemented for people suffering from sight loss. Voice functionality for Chrome allows users of the software to control their usage of the website with their voice, in a similar manner to how some people are using Smart technology in their homes! This means that even people who struggle to be able to see the screen can engage with and understand the content of the websites which they are searching.

Get Voice Functionality over Chrome!

If your website is hosted on Chrome, or if you regularly use Chrome and suffer from sight loss yourself, our voice functionality over Chrome tool here at Purple Lens could be right for you! Don’t miss out on the best websites and content just because you have difficulty with seeing the screen; choose voice functionality instead.