Font Size Options

Access to Accessibility  |  21 September 2020

When it comes to making sure that your website is accessible for all users, there are a number of different tools that you may wish to use. There are some basic ways in which you can make sure your website is accessible for people with disabilities, such as giving all images relevant tags for blind or visually impaired viewers (so that screen readers are able to provide an accurate interpretation of the content), however there are also many other tools that you may not have thought about implementing. One such tool, which is simple but suprisingly often overlooked, is that of the font size tool

What are Font Size Options?

The font size tool is a simple one, and as the name suggests, allows website visitors to change the size of the font that is displayed on the page. This can be important for numerous reasons, but the most notable of these reasons is for people who struggle to see clearly. For individuals whose vision is not sharp, having text larger can make it easier and less strenuous for them to read the content on your website; in turn, this will make their entire experience with your website far more positive than it would have otherwise been.

How Many People Suffer from Impaired Vision?

Impaired vision or Myopia are conditions which affect a staggering number of people in modern society. In fact, estimates made by the NHS indicate that Myopia (short sighted vision) could impact as many as one in three individuals. While the condition can be treated through the use of eye drops and the like, as well as glasses, it is progressive and is rarely treated which means that having websites which can cater for these individuals will make like a lot easier on the whole.

Impaired vision can be caused by many different things. It is commonly a hereditory condition which runs in the family and which often begins to be seen in childhood or teenage years. However, damage to the eyes can also cause it to develop in later life.

Why Font Size Tools are Important

For people who are just beginning to suffer from impaired vision or Myopia (short-sighted vision), font on a computer screen which is small or medium in size can represent quite a significant challenge to read. For these individuals, in order to read the content, they usually need to hold the screen unhealthily close to their face so that they can make out the words, and this can really impact on the overall user experience with the website. However, by making the font of the website bigger, this problem is largely negated; largely font is easier to read from a distance, allowing sufferers from impaired vision to comfortably read the information on the screen.

Get Font Size Tools for your Website

Clearly, then, making sure that your website is accesible for individuals with impaired vision is important—and fortunately, we at Purple Lens have a range of professional products which are designed to enhance the user friendliness of your website. Don’t make your website visitors suffer while trying to use your site; give them the chance to choose the font size themselves with our tools and see how this simple implementation could improve website functionality overall.