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Tutorial | 26 October 2020

How to Sign Up to the “Purple Lens” plugin

To Sign Up for the “Purple Lens” plugin go to http://purple-lens.com/and click on the “Sign In” button, then click on the “Signup Now” (Image 1) The user should be redirected to the “Sign Up” page and fill in the fields with the next information: Image 1 Key in the “First Name” to the text field…

Tutorial | 26 October 2020

How to add the “Purple Lens” plugin to your site

1. Adding a site on Purple Lens Click the “Add Site”  button on the Dashboard page (Image 1). Image 1   Enter the URL of your WordPress site into the corresponding text field (Image 2). Image 2   Pick the preferable language from the drop-down menu (Image 3). Image 3   Click the Add Site…

Tutorial | 26 October 2020

Toolbar functionality

Search function – activate a searching bar The “Search” function is helping people navigate through the website with a keyboard, a virtual keyboard, or voice control. The “Search” pop-up window should be opened by clicking on the “Search” button at the navigation panel (Image 1). Image 1 To use “Search” with “Keyboard” click on it…

Tutorial | 23 October 2020

The style configuration options

The Style Configuration Page To access your Style Configuration page enter your Dashboard and select Style configuration. This will open a pop-up that will notify you that Purple Lens needs to redirect to your site’s admin panel. Click Proceed. Image 1     1. Choose the Toolbar position on the desktop Decide whether you would…

Tutorial | 20 October 2020

Hotkeys list

alt + s – open search popup alt + c – go to the cart alt + x – go to the checkout alt + h – show help popup escape – close text helper popup alt + p – initiate payment alt + n – go to filters

Tutorial | 20 October 2020

Site Settings

“Settings” Page To open the Purple Lens “Settings” page go to your WordPress admin site, hover over the Purple Lens icon on your side navigation menu, and choose “Settings” from the side menu (Image 1). Image 1 A lot of the text fields will require a “selector” as an input. Many selectors can be found…

Scanner | 16 October 2020

Scanner Function

1. Run the Scanner On Your Site On your WordPress admin site, while viewing your site, go to the administrator bar at the top of the page and hover over the “WCAG Check” button (Image 1). Image 1   Choose one of the checks available to you: Basic page check: Checks the current page up…