How to add the “Purple Lens” plugin to your site

Tutorial  |  26 October 2020

1. Adding a site on Purple Lens

  • Click the “Add Site”  button on the Dashboard page (Image 1).
Image 1


  • Enter the URL of your WordPress site into the corresponding text field (Image 2).
Image 2


  • Pick the preferable language from the drop-down menu (Image 3).
Image 3


  • Click the Add Site button and the site should be added to your Dashboard (Image 4).
Image 4


  • All sites that were downloaded from that account with all necessary information should be shown on the “Dashboard” page (Image 5). 
Image 5


2. Downloading the Purple Lens plugin

  • Once you have added your site, it will show up in your Dashboard, but in order to download our plugin, you must click on the “Purchase Subscription” button under your website (Image 6).
Image 6


  • Choose a subscription type from the three provided (Image 7). Here is a very basic outline of what each of the packages provides:
  1. Basic: provides all of the accessibility functionality
  2. Content: provides all of the accessibility functionality, plus the ability to search through posts/content on your site
  3. WooCommerce: provides all of the accessibility functionality, plus the ability to search through all of the products on your site and buy them easily using our plugin
Image 7


  • Enter your credit card information, and any coupons you may have, then click proceed (Image 8).
Image 8


  • Once you receive your receipt, go back to the Dashboard, where there should be new buttons under your website (Image 9).
Image 9


  • Click on “Get Plugin” (Image 10). The plugin should automatically be downloaded onto your computer as a file called “”.
Image 10


3. Adding the Purple Lens plugin to WordPress

  • Now that you have downloaded the Purple Lens plugin to your computer, you need to add it to WordPress. First, you need an API key. Click on the “Get API key” button on your Dashboard (Image 11).
Image 11


  • This button should open a pop-up window. Click the “Copy” button, which should close the pop-up window, and will copy the API key shown in the pop-up window onto your clipboard (Image 12).
Image 12


  • Next, login to your website’s WordPress admin page, and go to Plugins -> Add New (Image 13).
Image 13


  • Click on “Upload Plugin” near the top of the page (Image 14).
Image 14


  • Click the “Choose File” button and find the folder labelled “” that was downloaded onto your computer. Then, click the “Install Now” button (Image 15).
Image 15


  • Now that the plugin is downloaded onto WordPress, on your side navigation menu, hover over the Purple-Lens icon, and choose the “Purple-Lens” option from the side menu (Image 16).
Image 16


  • Paste the API key you copied earlier into the designated field, and press the “Connect to Purple-Lens Toolbar” button (Image 17).
Image 17


  • Finally, click the “Get Purple-Lens toolbar” button (Image 18).
Image 18


Congratulations! The Purple Lens plugin has been added to your WordPress website!