Intelligent Search for Content and Products

Access to Accessibility  |  21 September 2020

When it comes to making an order for a product or service on a WooCommerce store, the majority of us don’t have to worry too much about finding the items that we are looking for. However, for those individuals who usually rely on voice assisted internet usage, WooCommerce shopping can be a lot more difficult. Fortunately though, Intelligent searching methods can be used to make sure that your customers are able to find what it is that they were on the hunt for—irrelevant of whether or not they are able to browse your eCommerce store normally or if they do so with help from voice assisted technology.

Why People Use Voice Assisted Technologies

Some people are born blind and have never had a chance to see the world, while others are born with sight but lose it over time for numerous different reasons. There are many reasons as to why people might lose their sight, however, the cause is irrelevant in regards to the fact that sight loss is still a difficult condition to live with nowadays. In an increasingly technological society, we are generally spending more and more time in front of a computer screen and this, in turn, means that people who are short of sight or who are otherwise completely blind struggle to work at their full potential. However, voice assisted technology exists and is being continually improved upon to enhance their potential to show the world what they can do. Intelligent search functions also allow these individuals to retain their independence while online shopping.

The Prevalence of Sight Loss

It is incredibly easy for us to underestimate the importance that blindness and sight loss can pose to a person living in our modern society. According to the RNIB, up to 300 million people have issues with sight loss or blindness. Furthermore, somewhere in the region of 1 in 5 individuals will begin to lose their sight sooner or later. As such, sight loss is an issue that could affect as many as 20% of us—and so the importance of providing technologies to allow people to shop online without worry is huge!

How Intelligent Search for Content and Products can Help You

Blindness or sight loss are both conditions which affect a growing number of people on a yearly basis. It’s vital, then, that tools are continually being invented to revolutionize the ways in which these individuals are able to shop online. In short, blindness or sight loss shouldn’t leave a person feeling as if they do not have their own independence; by implementing a feature that will allow for itelligent search for content and products, your WooCommerce or eCommerce store will thus be a leader in terms of website accessibility!

Don’t leave people suffering from sight loss and/or blindness out when developing your website. Give them the freedom they need with our voice assisted searching tools from Purple Lens! We are experts in the website accessibility industry and strive to make sure every website is given the chance to make all of its customers feel at home!