When the squares changed the world for the circles

Or – how frustrating modern accessibility can be.


Imagine a world in which the squares rule the land. The all mighty squares aren’t bad shapes at all! They are caring, they aspire towards equality and they are oh so understanding. Alongside the squares, living peacefully in squareland – live the circles. The circles are a small group, they hold no apparent powers, but they are so lucky! Why you ask? Because the squares are good people, and they will do whatever they can – to help the circle community feel safe. 


The path to equality and who should pave it 


So – we are back in squareland but the most amazing thing takes form. After years of ignorance and disregard – the squares decided to adapt squareland to the circles as well. And they did! They paved (square) special roads, made unique canes for blind circles (obviously, square ones). And even special restaurants – with circular doors! But, they serve square food only. 


Why accessibility isn’t enough 


When we use legislated standards as our golden aspiration, what we don’t realize is that accessibility rules – as blessed as they may be, were made for the community but definitely not BY the community. A quick chat with any disabled friend or family will shed much needed light over the huge gap between the required law and the actual need of the community. To make a long story short – an accessible website isn’t really usable for the disabled in 4/5 cases.


What should we do?


As an accessibility company – we pride ourselves in our impact-baring principals. We strive towards an accessible world; but a real one. An accessible world in which the disabled can shop online, can work and use web tools that will level the playing field. They are intitle for equal working capabilities. Owed the same level of self esteem and empowerment. We are proud to be working for the community whilst remaining a part of the community. We aren’t an accessibility tool – rather we are a disabled UX driven accessibility platform. 

We live, breath and dream of a real equal world – and our biggest dream of all – is that one day we will all dream the same dream together. 



Gidi Weiler
Purple lens – UX driven accessibility platform